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I'm Steve Heap and I live to create images that will bring back memories of a happy vacation or remind you of a place that you used to call home! My aim is to capture each location I visit in the best light and create a photograph that you would be truly proud to display in your home or office. Although this will completely date me, I'm an accomplished photographer who first picked up a camera more than 50 years ago! Those words just make me shiver! As a professional photographer, I have had my images printed in leading magazines, travel guides and international publications. Although it is hard to believe, my images have been licensed by publishers of all types over 300,000 times in the past 10 years. More recently, though, I have been more focused on the elusive task of getting the perfect image of places I visit - ones that really speak to the viewer and ones that would be a perfect image to remind people of a happy time in that location. I have selected my best images and made them available as prints that can be framed and displayed on your wall and bring those memories to life.